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Central 70 Project Overview

CDOT is embarking on one of the largest and most significant transportation projects in Colorado’s history: the replacement of the aging Central 70 viaduct and adding capacity to the I-70 corridor between downtown Denver and the Denver International Airport. Front Range Mobility Group has been shortlisted for this Central 70 project.

This project has been more than a decade in the making. It is not just about delivering more capacity and safer infrastructure—it is also about the livelihood of the local community. With deep roots in the Denver region, our team, the Front Range Mobility Group (FRMG), is ready and eager to engage the community through partnerships with local companies and personnel for the successful delivery of the Central 70 Project.

Our team members have a strong history of partnering with small and disadvantaged businesses (SBs/DBEs) on major Public-Private Partnerships (P3) projects across the US. We know how important workforce development will be on this project to the Denver community and CDOT, and our goal is to provide opportunities for local businesses to partner with FRMG to design, build, and operate and maintain the Central 70 Project.

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